A day in Oxford

Cheers from across the pond and good morning to those of you in the States and good afternoon if you’re in Europe….

Let me start with a quick personal note: You’ll have to forgive me for the past few days. It probably seemed like I was on vacation or exiled. Well, I wasn’t the latter, but I took a few days to myself to write and explore the wide assortment of beautiful landscape here in the UK. I was able to watch the Rams’ preseason opener at Indianapolis Sunday evening. I didn’t give my full attention to the Rams in the first half because my eyes were fixed on the No. 1 overall pick and Stanford prod Andrew Luck. It was his first-ever game in this league and it took him one snap to show what he’s all about. I believe Colts’ fans have something special here. Yes, I realize it’s only August and that’s why I wasn’t paying too much attention to the Rams. It’s a long and grueling season, but Luck appears to be on his way to restoring the rich, winning tradition in Indy.

Moving on…Enough talk about what’s going on back in the States….You’re probably wondering what’s going on over here in England: On Sunday, I took a train to Oxford with my colleague Jonathan Batuello to see its rich history. It was my first time taking a train. And no, the tube doesn’t count. I must say it was a cool experience. Being able to glance out of my compartment window to scope the miles of countryside was so enjoyable. Having traveled by bus for the majority of this trip, having the opportunity to get my eyes on some of the patches of untouched land in the UK was entertaining.

We got to Oxford with a couple of hours to kill before the famous Christ Church opened, which is where the Great Hall from the Harry Potter films is. With the extra time on our hands, we walked about the city until reaching Oxford Castle. Let me say this; if you ever make your way to England, this venue is an absolute must see. The architecture is extravagant. The castle itself still resembles the original, which was amazing to see. Of course, not all of it is the same. Nowadays, there are multiple shops, restaurants and bars inside, outside and surrounding the old palace. This makes for a great tourist attraction. We planned on going up in one of the towers, but like everything else in England, it cost money, and after unloading 250 British pounds (roughly $375) to watch the U.S. women’s soccer team defeat Japan 2-1 in the gold medal match at Wembley Stadium last Thursday, my funds are running low. So, we turned back. But by that time, Christ Church was open.

It was a rather short distance from Oxford Castle to Christ Church, and once the church was in my line of view, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was one of the most moving sites I’d ever seen. There’s so much history involved with that place and to be able to walk through it was remarkable.

Making the trip to Oxford just adds to the list of life-long memories I’ve been able to make on this trip. Another beautiful day in England.

You won’t want to miss my next post about the “bus ride from hell.”

Thanks for reading,



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