Behind the Scenes in London

Cheers from our camp over in London and good day to you…

The Opening Ceremonies for the 27th all-time Summer Olympic Games take place this evening in London. What an experience this has been for me and the rest of my fellow Ball State colleagues. Not only are we in London taking in all of the sites, sounds and atmosphere, but we’re writing, producing and sharing about it. As you know, our group has been working around the clock since January, making contacts, coming up with story ideas, etc…

Our first group, which includes myself, arrived at our flats in London yesterday. We spent much of the day touring the city and becoming familiar with our surroundings. We’ve already dug into our workload and things are starting to shape up.

While touring the city yesterday, I was fortunate enough to see Big Ben, The London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral and walked across Millennium Bridge (the same bridge used in the last Harry Potter film), among so many other things. I’ll be posting pictures on this blog as well.

Well, unfortunately, it’s back to work for me….until next time,