A Rainy Day in London…

Cheers! Happy Sunday to you on this rainy third day of the 2012 Olympic Games here in London. So far, this journey has been an experience of a lifetime for me and the rest of my¬†colleagues involved with “BSU at the Games.”

The Olympic Games are just a few days old and we’ve already seen some incredible moments. With 16 of 302 events already decided, China leads the pack with nine total medals; six gold, one silver and two bronze. The United States is right behind them with seven; two gold, three silver and two bronze.

The first of our two groups will be heading back to the University of Worcester this evening as the second group will get their first taste of London for the next few days.

My first three days in London have been nothing but incredible. I’ve been able to walk around the city, taking pictures of landmarks such as Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and The London Eye among many others. I’ve also been able to get my hands on some tasty European food. No complaints from me. After an unsuccessful trip to Olympic Park yesterday afternoon, I decided to stay in last night and focus on my work. Not a bad idea. After all, I was able to put together a neat audio package featuring USA Field Hockey head coach Lee Bodimeade, which I hope to have done in the next 48 hours.

I’m also working a couple of field hockey stories. One of which features Ball State alum Kaitlan Mitchell and how she designed the official logo for Team USA Field Hockey. My second story is a preview for USA Field Hockey and how they have their eyes set on making history with a podium finish for the first time in nearly three decades.

Moving on…It was saddening to hear that Team USA gymnast and St. Louis native Sarah Finnegan will not be competing in the London Games. After McKayla Maroney suffered a fractured toe, it appeared that Finnegan would be next in line, but Maroney will indeed compete despite her injury.

Moving on…

I’m anxiously awaiting to see how St. Louis native and Team USA wrestler Spensor Mango performs. Mango lost a close match in the quarterfinals in Beijing; he returns as a favorite to reach the podium this time around. Mango will compete on Aug. 5.

I’ll have more information once I get back to Worcester. Until then, stay dry and enjoy the Games wherever you may be.



The Day After Opening Ceremonies

Cheers to you and good evening from London…I’d like to start this post by saying how exciting and amazing it was to watch the Opening Ceremonies in the host country. It was definitely a memory I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

As you know, the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympic Games took place last night, which meant a lot of work for us during the day before being able to watch it live. It wasn’t shown in the U.S. until much later due to the six-hour time change (CST). We were able to see a lot of the fireworks and lights from the windows of our flats, which was simply remarkable. I was able to snap off a few pictures from a window, but haven’t had time to upload them. I’ll be sure to find time in the next couple of days to do so.

Moving on…The Day After…

The Olympic Games are well underway now, which means more opportunities to shine for us. I’ve been asked many times if the amount of work we are responsible for ever gets overwhelming or tiring and the answer is always no. With an opportunity to cover the Olympic Games, the workload over the next three weeks will never get too overwhelming. Sure it’s tough and sometimes frustrating, but that’s life. Get over it. Having the chance to write stories surrounding the Olympic Games and the athletes means more to me than anything.

Even with the heavy load of work we’ve been assigned, we’ve still been able to take in all of the sights, sounds and the overall atmosphere of London. I took my first-ever tube ride this afternoon, and it was quite the thrill. The tube took me from Farringdon Station to the Olympic Park in Stratford. I was hoping to be able to go the training session for Team USA field hockey, but wasn’t allowed inside without a credential. Oh well, worth a shot. Either way, I got a glimpse of the Aquatics Centre, which was very neat and saw some other cool buildings around Olympic Park.

I’m currently working on a few stories that I hope to have published in the next day or so.

Until next time…


Behind the Scenes in London

Cheers from our camp over in London and good day to you…

The Opening Ceremonies for the 27th all-time Summer Olympic Games take place this evening in London. What an experience this has been for me and the rest of my fellow Ball State colleagues. Not only are we in London taking in all of the sites, sounds and atmosphere, but we’re writing, producing and sharing about it. As you know, our group has been working around the clock since January, making contacts, coming up with story ideas, etc…

Our first group, which includes myself, arrived at our flats in London yesterday. We spent much of the day touring the city and becoming familiar with our surroundings. We’ve already dug into our workload and things are starting to shape up.

While touring the city yesterday, I was fortunate enough to see Big Ben, The London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral and walked across Millennium Bridge (the same bridge used in the last Harry Potter film), among so many other things. I’ll be posting pictures on this blog as well.

Well, unfortunately, it’s back to work for me….until next time,



Cheers from across the pond, folks! We made it. After a rather taxing and exhausting couple of days of travel, including an obnoxious seven-hour flight and three-hour bus ride, I can happily say I’m in England again. After taking a walk around the London airport (Heathrow), we boarded a bus for the University of Worcester, which is where we’re currently staying.

It’s been nearly 12 years since the last time I came to this beautiful country, and it’s still as glamorous as it was when I was just a youngster. The buildings, especially the architecture is simply amazing. I’m still getting used to people driving on the other side of the road and the fact that the steering wheel is on the right, not the left, side of every vehicle. Every time I cross the street, I always seem to look the wrong way…American problems, I suppose. Oh well.

I went to my first-ever horse race this afternoon. I ended up betting on horse All The Gear No Idea, the No. 5 horse out of 13. The odds, 22/1, weren’t in his favor, but the horse nearly made me a winner after missing first place by half a length to Cape Express, who really turned on the afterburners during the last stretch of the race.

I’ll be making my way over to London in the morning for a few days, and yes, I’ll be there for the Opening Ceremonies. I can’t put my excitement for this in writing, but I’m very pumped for it. I’ll be getting to work shortly after my arrival in London. I’ll be spending a lot of my time writing and working on other stories for us or other media affiliates.